Soldiers Come to Big Sky

Last year, Manhattan, MT–based Operation Never Forgotten (ONF) brought dozens of injured veterans from around the country to southwest Montana to ski, ice climb, snowmobile, and dogsled to their hearts’ content. Called Sports Afield & Stream (SAS), the program uses outdoor recreation and extreme sports to aid mental and physical rehabilitation for Iraq and Afghanistan vets. This year, ONF has set its sights on a summer event, which takes place July 17-23 and includes fishing, hiking, horseback riding, ziplining, and more. The public is welcome to join ONF’s warrior guests at Big Sky Resort on July 20, with a special evening celebration honoring wounded veterans and their families. Just be sure to bring a box of tissues—live music, moving guest speakers, and a comedy show will facilitate a full spectrum of emotions. For more information, or to volunteer with the SAS program, visit