Old-School Streaming

airstream convention bozeman montana

As common as it is to complain about crowded campgrounds these days, nothing compares to these tight quarters. And this was back in the ‘70s! Pictured here is the 16th annual airstream caravan, held by the Wally Byam Caravan Club International in August, 1973.

The tradition started in 1951, when Wally Byam led a group of over 60 travel trailers from Texas to Nicaragua. They painted red numbers on the front of each trailer so they could keep track of everyone. The recreational trip was such a success that people begged Wally to organize another. The caravan soon became an annual event, which garnered a quick following. By 1955, Wally’s trip featured 500 travelers going from Nogales, Arizona to Acapulco, Mexico. In 1957, Wally held the first airstream caravan, a tradition that lives on today.

This summer marks the 71st anniversary of Wally’s caravans through North America, Central America, Africa, and Europe. We’re not sure if Bozeman’s on the itinerary or not, but if it is, they definitely won’t be able to park near Bobcat Stadium.