M Trail Update

In 2013, the Gallatin Valley Land Trust led an effort to obtain funding for a paved, multi-use pathway along Bridger Dr. to the M and Drinking Horse Mountain trailheads. GVLT partnered with the City of Bozeman, the Forest Service, and the Western Transportation Institute to obtain $600,000 from the City of Bozeman’s Trails, Open Space, and Parks bond. In addition, they secured $3 million from the Federal Land Access Program. The Western Federal Lands Highway Division is in charge of project construction, which is scheduled to start in 2017. Currently, GVLT is negotiating with two property owners to obtain easements for the path. They hope to complete the path as designed, but if they can’t, the path will be narrowed. The current design is about two miles long and includes a pedestrian tunnel between the M and Drinking Horse