Bozeman Vs. Park City

Our latest mountain-town match-up finds Bozeman competing against the like-minded burg of Park City, Utah. Does this filthy rich tourist hotspot have what it takes to win? Let's see how they stack up.

Movie Festivals
Sundance Film Festival vs. HatchFest. Bozeman puts up a good fight, but Sundance is legendary. Thirty years of award-winning movies, all-night parties, and loads of famous actors… but hey, Johnny Depp almost came to Hatch once, I think. Edge: Park City.

Four million people go to Park City every year? Yikes. Sure, Bozeman is a great place to visit, but we’re proud to have an economy not entirely propped up by mouth-breathing out-of-towners. Edge: Bozeman.

They might have one more ski hill, but with our backyard Bridger and impressive Big Sky, quality beats quantity. Still, Utah can’t claim “The Greatest Snow on Earth” for nothing—the lake effect brings notorious powder dumps while we’re often stuck skating down hardpack. Edge: Tie.

Park City is one of the richest towns in America and contributes over half a billion dollars to the Utah economy—which explains the uptight yuppie dress code. Edge: Bozeman.

Park City features one of the biggest stretches of factory outlet stores anywhere. Church it up anyway you want, but it’s still homogenized strip-mall hell.
Edge: Bozeman.

Notable Residents
We’ve got Ted Turner, Greg Mortenson, and Conrad Anker, but P.C. puts up some big names, with the likes of Michael Jordan, Harry Reems, and Ted Bundy calling that little Utah city home. Too close to call. Edge: Tie.

Score: 3 to 1. Winner: Bozeman! Well Park City, good effort, but it looks like money can’t buy you happiness… unless you count the warm, fuzzy feeling from some good old-fashioned philanthropy. Send us some of that half-billion our way and you’ll feel better, promise.