Bozeman Vs. Duluth

This little northern oasis has escaped battling us for far too long. Great Lakes, thriving outdoor culture, and a staggering trail system all make Duluth a force to be reckoned with—but how does this Minnesota town stack up to Bozeman’s endless outdoor opportunities? Close your eyes, kids—this one might get ugly.

If you enjoy wide-open grandeur, stay in the West. However, Duluth recently won a $250k grant to complete the Duluth Traverse, creating over 100 miles of flowing in-town singletrack and serving as a role model for cities nationwide. Add in the Superior Hiking Trail and other nearby clusters, such as the legendary CAMBA trails in Wisconsin, and this match is a done deal.
Edge: Duluth

Considering the many thousands that make up much of the state, the inimitable Boundary Waters, and the legendary Gitchee Gummee, a few muddy Montana reservoirs won't do the trick. We won't tell them about our alpine hideaways.
Edge: Duluth

Aside from Happy Meal–soaked Zebra shows and a few overpriced concerts at Brick Breeden, our music scene is lacking. Duluth hosts famous acts on a regular basis and has raised names such as Bob Dylan and Trampled by Turtles. They also have the Bayfront Blues Fest and the Canal Park Pavilion. Where’s our venue again?
Edge: Duluth

Duluth is sizable, and this offers plenty of amenities not found in our little mountain town. But lost somewhere among the tall buildings is a close community with that help-out-your-neighbor sort of charm that we swim in. Throw in an unusually high number of violent crimes and Duluth feels a bit too murdery for us.
Edge: Bozeman

Superior Brewing Company has some tasty selections. Add to that a few more craft breweries around town and Duluth’s scene seems on par with our Bozeman Brewing, Madison River, Lone Peak, and 406. Montana’s Big Sky Brewing would put us into the lead if not for Minnesota's Summit Brewing of similar stature. We’re going to need to report back after a thorough sampling.
Edge: Tie

We’ll gladly hand over the Spirit award for the aptly named mountain by the same name, but unfortunately it’s all a bit anticlimactic. If a highway goes to the top, it’s not really a mountain.|
Edge: Bozeman

Lake Superior is one angry mother—and this tends to produce an abundance of adverse conditions. On the bright side, you can surf in Minnesota. But we’d rather choke on a steady supply of sun than hang ten while sporting beardsicles.
Edge: Bozeman

The nearby Brule and St. Croix Rivers are worth arguing about, but unfortunately they’re no match for the Yellowstone, Madison, Jefferson, Missouri… the list goes on. And what’s with the rust color?
Edge: Bozeman

Score: 4 to 3. Winner: Bozeman.
Well done, Duluth—you got close. When the Midwest comes calling, we’ll be sure to look you up; but for now, we’re staying west of the Great Plains.