Bozeman Creek Update

The Bozeman City Commission and the Bozeman Creek Enhancement Project are in the final stages of planning the improvement of Bogert Park and its access to Bozeman Creek. The city’s plans include (re)creating meanders throughout the creek to ease access, planting more vegetation, and improving and diversifying the ecology of the surrounding area. The creek won’t take up much room in Bogert Park, but developers say these adjustments will improve the creek’s aesthetic and recreational value.

The first step is for an engineering firm to survey the state of Bozeman Creek through downtown, conducting a hydraulic analysis, looking closely at flood elevations, and deciding what restoration processes are necessary. Upon its completion, city officials will readdress the development of the creek through downtown.

On the north side of downtown, the city, with the support of Gallatin Valley Land Trust, voted to purchase a house on South Church. The decrepit home sits on one acre next to Bozeman Creek; the board says the house is a traffic hazard, and they plan to demolish it. They hope to develop a creek-side park in its place, potentially creating new trail connections through Burke and Bogert Parks and the Gallagator Trail.

Plans are also underway for the enhancement of the city parking lot on the corner of Babcock and Rouse. The city hopes to replace the row of parking spots alongside the creek with a small public park. Designs for the project come under public review soon.