All in the Family

The powerful, bison-hunting Mollies and the formidable Druids. The Canyons and their leader, the legendary white alpha female. The Lamars, Junction Buttes, and more. You’ll find all the past and present Yellowstone packs and their members—the most famous population of wolves on the planet—in the Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy Project and its ground-breaking Wolf Genealogy Tree. This comprehensive resource is the first of its kind in the world, and it’s free and online. “Wolves have been demonized in some parts of the world for many centuries,” says project director Jim Halfpenny, Yellowstone biologist, tracker, and author. “But we share a variety of our most basic traits with these animals, and the wildness of the species has a deep appeal that transcends categories like age and background.” To learn more about the Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy Project and access the Wolf Genealogy Tree, visit and select the Ancestry tab.