Black Diamond Livewire Quickdraw

My friends called it the funniest noise I’ve ever made. It was a strange, girlish, primal scream, as I was 10 feet above my last bolt, frantically trying to clip the next one above my head. Pumped out of my mind, I reached down to grab my Black Diamond Livewire Quickdraw. This top-of-the-line sport draw was amazingly lightweight, smoothing clipping, and easy to use. The Livewire features a keylock Dynotron top biner and a 12-cm dogbone with Black Diamond's Straitjacket system keeping the bottom wiregate locked in place. Good thing, because I slammed it through the hanger, and flicked the rope through the bottom biner. No longer facing a 20-foot joy ride, a flush of happiness came over me and I thought, “Wow. That was an easy clip!” Available at Northern Lights. $25;