Outlook – Fall 2014

Slow down—don’t turn off the heat just yet. Check back in a month; we’ll be ready then, I’ll bet.

The grass isn’t ready and the leaves aren’t so bright. The trails are still perfect and the rivers are all right.

Just one more hike without wearing a coat; three more trail rides and a dozen-mile float.

A nice warm spell and a few sunlit days—if it keeps the cold away, we can handle the haze.

Throw in a late-summer sunset and one big full moon. It’s not quite time, though it will be soon.

We still want our seasons, and of course need the snow. But we’re having too much fun to just let summer go.

Then again, we can’t skip autumn—the crisp mornings feel right. And if it snowed in the mountains, we wouldn’t put up a fight.

I suppose a bit of color would please the eye, and some frost on the grass left from last night’s sky.

The shorter days give us less time to play; but even fun gets old when you do it every day. 

There’s nothing we can do to stop it at all. I guess we’re stuck with it—bring on the fall.