Finally Frozen

Haynes Pavilion adds ice.

For several years, hockey players and ice skaters in Bozeman have waited for a second sheet of ice at the Haynes Pavilion. Now, that hope has finally become a reality. Through tireless fundraising and increased community interest, a second sheet of ice will be available to skaters come January. The added ice means more hockey, more community skating, and more on-ice activities, like curling and figure skating. “With the expanded ice, hockey programming in particular sees tangible growth immediately,” says Layne Fischer, communications director for the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association. “Youth practices go from half-ice to full-ice, the adult-league teams play two weekly games instead of one, and the youth and adult tournaments increase in frequency and size.” While the new rink is a major step forward, it is by no means the end of the project, which includes year-round ice. “Our work doesn’t stop when this construction phase is complete,” explains Chelsea Williams, executive director of the Gallatin Ice Foundation. “Improvements will include insulating the building, permanent lockers rooms and seating, a central lobby, expanded concessions, and program and administration offices.” The Bozeman community can help them reach these goals, she points out, by making tax-deductible donations, purchasing advertising, sponsoring events, or volunteering. For more information, visit