Whether you’re a classic Wild Turkey–drinkin’ hunter or a more sophisticated Cosmopolitan-quaffer, Bozeman has some great spots to relax—or celebrate—after a day in the field. Here’s where to get your drink on après-hunt. 

Colonel Black’s and Zebra Cocktail Lounge
Descend the stairs at the corner of Main and Rouse and get comfortable in the low-light, low-key setting of Colonel Black’s. Enter the sound of pool cues, clinking glasses, and easy conversation—this intimate bar is a Bozeman institution. Sit down at a live poker table, try out karaoke on Tuesday nights, or listen to a DJ on Thursday evenings. And if you’re feeling like more of a club scene, walk ten feet to the south and check out the black-lighted Zebra—nope, no wormhole here, just two very different atmospheres conveniently located across the hall from each other. The Zebra has earned its reputation as one of the best live music venues around; this place is a party destination, and the perfect place for group shots to toast your big bull.

The Bacchus
Located inside the Baxter, the Bacchus is an Irish-style pub/restaurant named after the Roman god of wine. Ambiguous name aside, this local’s favorite was voted the best bar in Bozeman in 2012. Their happy hour, from 3-6pm weekdays, features $1 off all drinks, and $5 Moscow Mules (geographical identifier #3: Russia—or maybe Idaho), their signature version of the classic vodka-and-ginger-beer drink served in a frosty copper cup. They have live music scattered throughout the week, as well as karaoke every Wednesday. Plus, the food is great—thus their mantra, “It’s more fun to eat in a bar than drink in a restaurant.” Wind down here after a big day in the field while you eat some hearty grub and sip your way into a truly comfortable (albeit origin-challenged) coma.

The Barmuda Triangle
It would be a shame to label this little corner of Bozeman a “dive scene”—it’s so much more than that. You’ll find something happening every night of the week at the Triangle, starting on Sunday and Monday nights at the Haufbrau with Open Mic Night. On Wednesday, give your brain a workout on trivia night at the Molly Brown, and then on Thursday, try out bingo, also at the Molly. There’s a scheduled act every night of the week at the Hauf, with everything from novices to seasoned veterans performing on the small stage. (Also, try the Hauf’s sweet potato fries—yum. They have a full kitchen open until 11pm.) And if these two bars end up too crowded—which is often the case—sneak over to the Scoop for some pool and foosball. Whatever your style, these home-town bars are warm, friendly, and welcoming—as long as you’re not (too) covered in blood.

The Eagles Lodge
Here’s a place made for the post-hunt; you’re almost guaranteed to see other hunters there, drinking Olys and sipping Jameson on the rocks. This place has some great country and bluegrass performances on weekends, so two-step your way into the Eagles for a guaranteed good time. (Also on Friday nights, check out their burger fry.) There’s also a decent selection of video gambling if you’re feeling risky. Here’s a little tip for you dedicated readers out there: check out the MSU Pocket Guide (digital.msupocketguide.com) for a two-for-one drink coupon.