Do More, Talk Less

Things to consider in the new year.

Every year, we make promises—promises to ourselves, to our partners, to our bosses, and to our friends. And then we promptly ignore all those promises. Now there used to be a code that kept a man to his word, but things done changed in the West. These days, your word is rarely your bond, and people are loath to hold you accountable for much—they're probably planning to bail on you somewhere down the line and don't want to appear hypocritical. But unkept promises are opportunities lost, especially when considering outdoor pursuits left unaccomplished. This year of our Lord 2016, make promises and keep them. Here are a few to consider.

Good riddance, 2015

1. Finally plan that trip to Cooke City.
2. Get avalanche training.
3. Road-trip to at least one new ski hill this season. Preferably more.
4. Instate strict two-beer limit before driving home from ski hill.
5. Get over fear of winter and exercise outdoors all season.
6. Go snowshoeing. It’s one of the oldest pieces of winter outdoor technology. Try it.
7. Purge unused gear. If it’s been collecting dust for more than two years, sayonara.
8. Stop purchasing everything new, at full retail. Buy used, and spend saved cash on trips.
9. Quit smoking. Weed, that is, before skiing. Wait until lunch, and stick to one hit.
10. Do more. Talk less.

You break promises, you miss opportunities like this.

There you have it—some resolutions from O/B. What's on your list?