Local Mountain-Bike News

New Trails
The recently completed Chestnut Mountain trail, east of Bozeman at the Trail Creek exit, adds some sweet new front-county singletrack. A new spur trail brings improved climbing access to the Frog Rock area. Be warned: the clay soils and north-facing aspect of this trail make it particularly greasy when wet.

A new segment of Continental Divide Trail was added at Raynolds Pass (on the Montana-Idaho border) that connects to Mile Creek in the Lionhead area. Put Mile Creek on this summer’s bucket list as one of the area’s best late-season alpine rides—and one of the most endangered by possible bicycle closure in the future.

Funds were recently acquired to complete reconstruction of the Leverich Canyon trail south of Bozeman; several local mountain-bike groups coordinated the effort, including the Dirt Concern and the Montana Mountain Bike Alliance. The work should be finished by summer.

Gallatin Trail Share
Trail sharing on specific trails in the West Bridgers and Upper Hyalite will start June 16 for and July 16 (2011), respectively. The Porcupine drainage in Gallatin Canyon opens June 16. A Trail Share schedule and maps can be found at fs.usda.gov/gallatin.

Trail Closures
One hundred miles of alpine trails within the Hyalite / Porcupine / Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study Area south of Bozeman remain closed to bicycles by the lawsuit-driven Interim Management Plan. The Gallatin National Forest has appealed the federal court decision over the 2006 Travel Plan ruling, but a decision isn’t expected this riding season.

Responsible Riding
A snowy winter means that our cherished bike trails will be buried late into the season. Exercise restraint as they dry out—like hikers and horse riders, bikers need to avoid muddy trails too. Know when to turn around and save the trail for another (drier) day. Empty a puddle today!