Know how to read the weather and your trips will be safer and more enjoyable.

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England, Mike
Reading the weather.
Knight, Phil
At 11,000 feet, having only marginal rain gear during a storm can be life-threatening. On the other hand, if you're hiking for several hours in the rain, you're going to get wet, no matter how awesome your new parka is. So what to do? Prepare, prepare, prepare. Read more >>
England, Mike
Another vital aspect of safety in the mountains is dealing with the weather. Dennis Diclaudio's new book Man vs. Read more >>
Sagmyr, Ellen
What is the most dangerous and frequently encountered weather hazard experienced by people each year in many parts of the United States, including Montana? If you said lightning you would be right, if not you are in good company. Read more >>
Smith, Phyllis
Eastern Montana has its lengthy cold spells, Livingston its winds, Great Falls its temperate weather-but the Gallatin area has a little bit of everything. Read more >>
Smith, Phyllis
"Does the wind blow this way here all the time? asked the eastern visitor. 'No mister,' replied the cowboy. 'It'll maybe blow this way for a week or ten days, and then it'll change and blow like hell for a while.'"-K. Ross Toole, The Uncommon Land Read more >>
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