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Keyes, Fletcher
Every Montana angler with a conscience should keep in mind that fishing is a brutal sport. Read more >>
Herzog, Tim
You’ve run shuttle and you’re sliding into your boat at the put-in. The water level is about what you expected and you can see the entry to the first rapid, remembering that you need to start left and then cut right after the big hole. Read more >>
Dowaliby, Shane
The use of wearable cameras is expanding rapidly in all action sports, and the technology is keeping up with it. Manufacturers are racing toward better resolution, higher frame rates, and crisp optics. Read more >>
Matt Jennings
Bike commuting in winter definitely takes commitment. Sure, spring, summer, and fall can all have their wet and cold days, but most of the time it's dry, the days are longer, and the temperature is above freezing (usually). Read more >>
Dehmer, Kurt
One thing I have learned from 20-odd years of pursuing big game in Big Sky country is that it pays to know your shit. I don’t mean gear, backcountry horse skills, field-dressing techniques, or the host of other woodcraft that comes with being a seasoned hunter. I mean shit. Actual feces. Read more >>
Atteberry, Katherine
There's no better time to get your gear organized. You’ll know immediately what you have and be able to access it quickly and easily… not to mention the money you'll save on not repurchasing what you already have. Read more >>
Wantulok, Tara
Camping doesn’t have to be hot dogs on a stick. There are hundreds of easy recipes that can turn a campfire meal into a mouthwatering feast, whether you’re out in the backcountry or just car camping. Read more >>
Stoops, Kira
No pair of devoted, loyal skis should ever be left to rot in the garage—no matter how unshaped, heavy, geriatric, or neon. Fortunately, there are more than a few ways to reincarnate your skis and give them a useful second life, long after even their rock-hopping days are over. Read more >>
Cameron, Philip
With the arrival of fall here in Montana, many people love to get out and do some upland bird hunting. Hopefully you've been honing your skills with practice at the trap range already. Read more >>
Lewis, Marshall
Springtime in Montana offers many photo opportunities. But capturing wildflowers, snowmelt, and other beautiful scenes with a digital SLR camera is challenging, especially if you're trying to get those up-close shots that everyone oohs and aahs about. Read more >>
Stites, Jon
Keeping your pooch safe come winter.
Dehmer, Kurt
As the summer months reach their peak, those good ol� secret spots and honey holes turn out to be not so sweet, and not so secret. A sure cure for those overcrowded-river blues is but a hike, horseback ride, or mountain-bike pedal to one of Montana's many secluded alpine lakes. Read more >>
Slack-Line Cast
James Anderson
Tips for better fishing. 
Orem, Tina
Don’t Forget the Duct Tape: Tips and Tricks for Repairing Outdoor Gearby Kristin HostetterSeattle, WashingtonThe Mountaineers Books85 pages Read more >>
Lussier, Alex
The Gallatin Valley’s apparent cycling boom could be attributed to the Lance Armstrong frenzy or high gas prices, but most likely it is a combination of factors. In any case, Outside Bozeman readers are excited to see it happen. Read more >>
Herrin, Nick
A stem turn is a great trick for skiers of all levels. It can be used to help start a turn that you’re uncertain about, or help you catch your balance when the snow conditions throw you off. Read more >>
Center, Dean
For the last four years I’ve been teaching one day a week in Billings. Remarkably, there has been just one day when weather kept me from making the trip. Read more >>
Ken Sinay
There's a distinct sense of adventure in following animal tracks in the snow, and winter is probably the best time for developing your tracking skills. Read more >>
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