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Manning, Jim
Let’s say you’ve been kidnapped—God knows why. You’re tossed into a trunk, driven an interminable time, and dropped off in the middle of nowhere with only a jacket, a bottle of water, and two sticks of gum. Night is falling. What do you do? Read more >>
Tina Orem
Land Navigation Handbook: The Sierra Club Guide to Map, Compass, & GPSby W.S. KalsSierra Club Books Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
It’s hard to get excited about pieces of paper, but Beartooth Publishing has printed a few new maps that are nothing short of badass. Its extensive Outdoor Recreation maps cover a huge portion of the Rockies, including Yellowstone, Wyoming, and Idaho. Read more >>
Murphy, Terri
If you’re looking for a watch that does just about everything an outdoor enthusiast could want, without costing a fortune, this might be the one. Read more >>
Lander, Paul
Deciding between a compass or a global positioning system (GPS) doesn’t have to pit the purists against the techies. Both devices complement each other and both require brain power and well-honed orientation skills. Read more >>
England, Mike
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Fahlgren, Andy
Look at a map of your area, and what do you see? Can you find every fishing access site you’ll ever need, or all the best hard-to-find creeks the locals won’t tell you about? Read more >>
Roots, Alex
Until relatively recently, �GPS� was an acronym familiar only to gearheads and a few fatcats who were able to access the U.S. Government�s Global Positioning Satellite system to steer their BMWs to the nearest Taco Bell. Read more >>
England, Mike
Global Positions Terra Topoglobalpositions.com406.580.1314
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