The Crazy Mountains are the most dramatic mountains in the area. The name is short for "Crazy Woman Mountains," which originates from the Crow name. Legend says a woman went crazy and lived in the mountains after her family was killed while moving west. 

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Albrecht, Patti
Crazy Mountains geology.
Babcock, Adam
With soaring peaks that remain snow-capped much of the year, the Crazy Mountains have drawn me like a moth to flame since I arrived in southwest Montana six years ago. So when my friend Bob said he’d like to do a ski trip in the Crazies, I jumped on board. Read more >>
Hathaway, Joel
The Crazy Mountains run north to south through Montana in a seemingly perfect angular form, like the bottom of a carnivore’s jaw. And though highways run parallel to the range on two sides, no road traverses them. Read more >>
Kelley, Shannon
It was a bright, warm day in the summer of 1846 when the Morgan family decided to take a break from their wagon travels. Crossing the vast eastern plains of Montana on their way to resettle in Oregon, the hardy family of five came under the shadow of the vast Crazy Mountain range. Read more >>
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