Woody Ridge, Cooke City, Backcountry Skiing
Traute Parrie
Shared joy in the face of risk.
Kessler, Jerry
A high-alpine misadventure.
Beartooth Backcountry Skiing
Babcock, Adam
Almost climbing Granite Peak.
Elephanthead Mountain, Montana Ski Touring
Turiano, Thomas
Winter on Elephanthead.
Located just northeast of the Yellowstone National Park in south central Montana and parts of northwest Wyoming, the massive Beartooth Range is home to Granite Peak, Montana's highest point, and sits upon the highest true elevation plateau in the US. Read more >>
Montana wilderness, Beartooths, thunderstorm, igniting the passion
Kesselheim, Alan
How wilderness flows through time.
Krueger, Ryan
Wilderness is big and wild—untamed earth spanning space between populations and providing a place for us to reconnect with our lost landscapes. When the time comes to retreat into to the wild and live with the twigs, berries, and bears, which area has the goods? Read more >>
Johnson, Terry
On a Friday morning in early February, 1971, George Claggett called up from Bozeman, just over the hill from where I lived in Ennis, to inform me that we were getting too fat from sitting behind our desks all winter and it was time to go on a trip. Read more >>
Roberts, Lincoln
The Beartooth Pass typically opens in late May, after sufficient melt-off for plows to clear the snow-laden Beartooth Highway (U.S. Highway 212). Read more >>
Kurowski, Becky
First Ascent Press’s latest offering from the vertical world is a detailed topographic map of Granite Peak with numerous route descriptions. Read more >>
alpine lakes, trail running
Becky Edwards
Running from East Rosebud to Cooke City.
Ripley, Leigh
Cooke City is nestled near the northeast corner of Yellowstone National Park and isolated from eastern access much of the year by the rugged Beartooth Mountains. Read more >>
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