Fly Fishing, Bozeman, Montana
Dan Ventura
Confessions of a fly fisherman.  Forgive me Father Maclean, for I have sinned.  Read more >>
Jefferson River, Trout Unlimited, Fly Fishing, Montana
Tom Reed
A restoration success story.  Forgotten. Ignored. Overlooked. Spurned. Maybe even scorned.  Read more >>
Fly Shop, Madison River, Bozeman, Montana
Elizabeth Sinclair
Tales of a fly-shop girl. 
Fly Fishing, Madison River, Chubby Chernobyl
Jake Walbridge
A new spin on a classic fly. 
Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, Lake Trout, Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park
Chris Hunt
Restoration efforts are paying off on Yellowstone Lake. You know spring is taking its time in Yellowstone when ice floes are cruising down the river between Lake Village and Canyon on Memorial Day. Read more >>
Warriors and Quiet Waters, Female Veterans Fly Fishing
Ali Ramirez
Female vets find solace on Montana's waters. 
Multi-Sport Season, Spring, Bozeman, Montana
Jimmy Lewis
Overcoming a case of seasonal schizophrenia.  
Montana, Fly Fishing, Spring, Bozeman
the editors
After a cold Montana winter, every angler aches for warm days on the water. And what could be better than a pleasant spring afternoon, fly rod in hand? Birds chirping, sun shining, fish jumping, right? Read more >>
Winter Fly Fishing, Wally's Pool Pig, Bozeman, Montana
Jake Walbridge
Tying the Wally's Pool Pig. 
R.L. Winston Fly Rods, Twin Bridges, Montana, Fly Fishing
Lucas Stevens
A look at the R.L. Winston Rod Co. Read more >>
Fall Fly Fishing, Bozeman, Montana
Jake Walbridge
Considerations for fall fly fishing.  
Fly Fishing, Bozeman, Montana
Jake Mosher
Memories flow like water after a lifetime on the river.   Read more >>
Yellowstone River, Montana Fly Fishing
Noah Davis
1. Dry shirts and faith in my studded wading boots. Read more >>
Fly Fishing, Beginners, Bozeman, Montana
Adam Parkison
Therapy sessions for an insecure fly-fisherman. 
Big Hole River, Fly Fishing, Montana
HG Moser
Summers on the Big Hole.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  Read more >>
Gallatin River, Fly Fishing, Gallatin River Guides
David Tucker
A mini-vacation along the Gallatin. 
Sprucehammer Moth, Gallatin River Guides, Fly Tying
Jimmy Armijo-Grover
Tying an effective summer fly. 
Kit Sawyer
Now that the rivers are coming down, it's time to fish. The waters around Bozeman are still high, but there is fishable water close by. Read more >>
Missouri River, Tailwaters, Spring Fishing, Montana
Jimmy Lewis
Where to fish this spring. 
Review: Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder
Mike England
With all the doodads and thingamajigs dangling from fly vests these days, it can be difficult to know where necessity stops and excess begins. Read more >>
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