What's the Drop & Trot?

Looking for a different kind of road race? Want both an upper-body and an aerobic workout? Curious to hear some gravelly grunting and groaning? Your opportunity comes around on July 8 at the Drop ‘n Trot, a fundraiser for the Network Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse. Runners gather at Bogert Park to do as many standard pushups in one minute as they can, and then run a 5k race. Each military-style pushup—no wimpy, knees-on-the-ground pushups here—takes 10 seconds off of your 5k time.

The race was born in 2001 as a fundraiser for what was then the Battered Women's Shelter. It was inspired by a story in Runner's World about a race with pull-ups offsetting the runners’ times; however, pull-ups proved logistically difficult and led to the use of pushups. The first race attracted 93 runners and included a 3k run. That year, the winner had a negative time of –2:48!

The highest number of pushups in the history of the race is rather astonishing. Rick Engel cranked out 94 pushups in 2005, despite his pushup official not counting several additional pushups due to improper depth. Dani Salois-Shahan did 88 pushups in one minute in the race’s inaugural year.

The race is a lot of fun, offers numerous door prizes and age-group awards, and has brought well-deserved notice to the efforts and needs of the Network. It’s a chance for the community to come together and raise money for domestic violence intervention and prevention services. Intervention services include shelter, 24/7 crisis hotline, domestic violence support groups, legal advocacy, and personal advocacy. Prevention services include outreach, networking, and community education to change the culture of violence. This event has raised over $50,000 for the Network.

For more information on the Drop ‘n Trot, visit active.com or call 586-7689.