Outdoor Strength

Off-season workouts for skiers.

Every skier can benefit from at least 30 minutes of strength training twice a week. Again, keep it fun, and keep it outside: at the park or in an alpine meadow in the middle of a hike. Here are some key strength exercises that’ll help you ski stronger and safer.

You don’t have to be a kid to use the playground. Build upper-body strength by doing dips on the parallel bars. Start with arms straight, slowly lowering. (Photo 1)

Wall Sits
Feel the burn on the wall, not the ski hill. “Sit” with your back against a wall (or a tree) with knees at 90 degrees. Start by holding for 45 seconds. Repeat. (Photo 2)

Core strength is essential. Hold your body in a straight line, from head to toe, while in the plank position. Contract your core and glutes. (Photo 3)

The classic pushup—easy to add into any routine. (Photo 4)

The Sergei
If you love to ski bumps, jump, or catch air, this is a great exercise. Frog jump side-to-side down an incline. When landing, maintain control, go down into a squat, and explode into another frog jump. (Photo 5)

Nordic Walking & Bounding
Jennie Bender, a professional skier on BSF’s Nordic Elite Team, practices Nordic bounding—running uphill in long bounds, with poles. This technique, as well as Nordic walking, mimics classic cross-country skiing and helps improve technique, power, and aerobic capacity in the offseason. (Photo 6)

The Tuck
Alpine skiers slide into a tuck position and hold it to strengthen ski-specific muscles. (Photo 7)