Get Your Ass in Shape

Between your job, family, and skiing as much powder as possible, there’s little time left for training. That’s where this workout comes in—you can do it anywhere and no weights are required. It will help you build leg and core strength using bodyweight exercises. Don’t slack—go hard and work up a sweat.

Leg Blasters

Four sets of each exercise, with a one-minute break between sets.

20 squats

20 lunges (ten on each leg)

20 jump squats

20 jump lunges (ten on each leg)

Focus on squat form, lowering your butt each time to a 90-degree position before powering up. With lunges, ensure your front knee is directly over your heel (for knee safety, don’t go over your toes) and your back knee lightly touches the ground with each lunge. For the jumping exercises, focus on exploding off the ground with dynamic energy. The entire circuit should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Core Circuit

The second circuit will keep your core strength strong all season. If you keep it strong, your whole body will sing in unison as you’re arcing turns (and while you’re soaking in the Jacuzzi at the end of the day).

To do a circuit, do 20 seconds of each exercise, moving directly to the next without rest. Do four sets of the circuit, with a one-minute break between sets.

Plank Hold—facing the ground, hold your body in a plank position on your feet and forearms.

Plank Leg Lifts—from the plank position stay on your forearms and alternate lifting one leg up at a time.

Side Planks—from the plank position, alternate lifting one arm to the sky, supporting your weight on the other forearm.

Superman Plank—in plank position, alternate extending one arm out in front of you.

Plank Walk-Up—in plank position, push up onto one hand, then the other, then back down, then walk up your hands and back down to your elbows.

Jeremy Henrichon owns 4800 Gym, is the former head coach of the MSU Ski Team, and currently coaches the US Ski Team.