My Avalanche Education

Danger lurks everywhere in the backcountry, and winter is no exception—but that danger can be mitigated through proper education. Which is why our writers set out to learn everything they could about avalanche safety this season, to keep themselves and their ski partners safe while touring the mountains of southwest Montana. They documented their experience in a series of articles; below are links to each one. Sponsors for this series are the Round House, Chalet Sports, and Backcountry Access.

Part One: Ski School
Basic Avalanche Awareness

Avalanche Safety Outside Bozeman

Part Two: Ski Patrol
Choosing a Provider

Outside Bozeman Avalanche Education

Part Three: Ski Shop
Gearing Up

Avalanche Education Outside Bozeman

Part Four: Ski Safety
Avalanche Literacy

Avalanche Education Outside Bozeman

Part Five: Ski Search
Avalanche Rescue

avalanche education, Outside Bozeman

Part Six: Ski Survey
Avalanche Awakening

avalanche education, bell lake