Three Names, Two New Courses

Purists call it disc golf. Folfers call disc golfers “Californians.” And disc golfers who overhear Frisbee golfers call it “folf” call them “posers.” Whatever it’s called, now players, purists, and posers alike can fling a Frisbee (er, disc?) at two spanking new courses: Bighorn Ridge in Big Sky Community Park, and Rose Park Flying Disc Center, between Oak St and Tschache Lane, west of 19th Street in Bozeman.

At the more challenging Bighorn Ridge, 10 baskets are already installed and poles are standing in for the remaining holes. Various Big Sky businesses sponsor each hole. Course-building volunteer Nate Schwerin likes the course's built-in spectators. “The scenery and wildlife definitely set Bighorn Ridge apart,” he notes. “On the course, I have seen bighorns, moose, black bear, deer, and hawks.”

Thanks to the City of Bozeman, the Course of DISCovery Development Team, and dedicated locals, Rose Park (still in its primitive state) is finally open for play, too.

“This is an introductory-level course designed to be easy enough for beginners but still offer a challenge to more advanced players,” explained DISCovery co-founder Cary Silberman.

Both courses are free, so show up, play, and remember: on the folfing disc golf Frisbee course, we’re all the same. Mostly.

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