Outlook - Summer 2014

The grass is always greener, be it a fence or a cloudy day. We wait for the snow to fall or the rain to stop, the trails to dry or the rivers to flow.

But summer—summer is the other side of the fence. Where everything is better and there’s no more reason to hope and wonder when things will turn around. The best days are upon us. Everything is just outside the door.

Out there, it’s no mystery why the animals roam, the fish jump, and the plants flourish—we run, jump, swim, and wander just the same.

And when the grass starts to brown, the evenings turn a cool gray, and the sun sets on another Montana summer, we’ll look forward once again to that evolving hue—a brand new shade of green.

Hop over the fence, walk through the fields, and see for yourself what color it is—summer is here, and the neighbors won’t mind.