Book: Stalking Trophy Brown Trout

There’s something undeniably mythical about chasing large fish—precious few anglers escape that eventual, insatiable hunger for a lunker on the end of their line. Hence John Holt’s latest book, Stalking Trophy Browns: A Fly-Fisher’s Guide to Catching the Biggest Trout of Your Life (Lyons Press, $25). Holt is a Livingston resident and lifelong fisherman who has developed a keen sense for what it takes to pull those pulse-raising behemoths from the depths—and in this book, he shares his secrets. For Holt, Brown trout are the ne plus ultra of trout streams, attributable to their renowned size, aggressiveness, and strength; and catching them on a fly rod is the only way to go. Holt’s writing style is accessible, informal, and clear, with engaging campfire tales woven throughout. And with nearly 200 pages of content, you’ll find everything you need to head to the river, play out some line, and heed the age-old call of the trophy trout. Available at Gallatin River Guides and Country Bookshelf.