Book: Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone

You needn’t be a mountaineer to appreciate Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone: A Mountaineering History & Guide. Thomas Turiano’s ambitious and meticulously researched book is also an outstanding resource for day-hikers, backcountry skiers, and local history buffs. In addition to technical details and route descriptions for over a hundred peaks in Greater Yellowstone’s 13 primary mountain ranges, the book provides a wealth of fascinating historical and cultural information about the area. Interspersed throughout are maps, photographs, geologic reports, and an impressive selection of quotes and anecdotes—from funny to philosophical and everything in between. Like the book itself, Turiano does not limit himself to mountaineering; he’s also a historian, conservationist, and a damn good writer to boot.

Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone is available in Livingston at Timber Trails and in Bozeman at Country Bookshelf and Northern Lights Trading Company. You also may order the book directly from Turiano’s web site at, which features book specs, peak lists, sample chapters, book reviews, and a forum for submitting your own comments, corrections, additions, and reviews.