Book: Photo Guide to Yellowstone National Park

Dean Sauskojus’s Yellowstone: The Ultimate Photo Guide to Yellowstone National Park (self-published, $15) is a great companion for any photographer venturing into Yellowstone. Since it’s an e-book, you can bring it anywhere with you—on your laptop, smart phone, iPod, or tablet. The author, a Bozeman local and O/B Photo Contest winner, organizes his tips according to terrain: Thermal Features, Creeks, Lakes, Rivers, Mountain Passes and Valleys, and Waterfalls. My favorite part is the checklist at the bottom of each page, which describes in great detail the best times of the day and year to shoot, and which lenses, filters, and other equipment to use. All this info for over 50 different features in the Park—not a bad resource to have handy. Available at