Book: Montana Single Track

Thank goodness for desktop publishing. Bozeman-based Beartooth Publishing, producer of some of the best trail maps around, recently went where no major publishing house has gone before and produced the first statewide guidebook to mountain biking in Montana. If you’re a biker, consider yourself lucky—Montana Singletrack: The Mountain Biker's Guide to Montana is everything a guidebook should be: simple, accurate, well-structured, and small enough to fit in a backpack. It’s also extremely well-designed, using color-coding and a clear, consistent layout for increased readability. A ride overview list and map, along with geographical section tabs, make it easy to quickly locate a specific area or trail. Elevation profiles and surface/difficulty ratings allow you to pick the most suitable ride for your skill level and amount of ambition. And each ride includes a customized topo map so you won’t get lost while exploring a new trail. Stunning photos of inimitable Montana landscapes add to the visual appeal of the book. Meticulously researched and impeccably organized, Montana Singletrack is sure to set the standard for future guidebooks. Pick one up around town at bike shops, outdoor stores, and bookstores. $17;