Book: Expediton Canoeing

Some people are really into canoeing. If you’re one of them, or wish you were, pick up Expedition Canoeing: A Guide to Canoeing Wild Rivers in North America. Cliff Jacobson has gathered his friends together to produce a very thorough guide to canoeing northern rivers.

This hefty tome to wilderness canoeing starts with how to research a river and ends with a plea of consciousness. It’s a book that’s less about how to perfect the seamless stroke and more about how to manage a big expedition. It includes information on how to load a canoe on a plane, how to remove stains and scum from a boat, and techniques for using a belly cover as a sail.

Advice from expert canoeists and outdoor guides is splashed throughout the book, providing various perspectives on choosing a canoe and tips for your first wilderness canoe trip. This book is loaded with information, which if used correctly and with a little practice, could turn anyone into one of those people who are really into canoeing.