Regaining Community

Lessons from the Bogert Farmers' Market.

As I reach my destination, my senses go into overload. I hear friends chatting, children laughing on the playground, vendors offering samples, live music echoing off the pavilion. Numerous smells intermingle: vegetables, meats, BBQ smoke, freshly brewed coffee. I look down at my niece, clutching her little basket, and remember something that I forgot a long time ago. Bozeman is my home; supporting the people that make up that foundation is not a chore, it’s a privilege.

Local produce

Head anywhere near Bogert Park on a Tuesday evening and you will see a mass of people drifting to or from the weekly Bogert Farmers’ Market. This event supports local entrepreneurs from farmers to artists and provides a chance to get outside, learn something, buy local products, and see some friends. 

Locally grown produce—mostly organic—is tasty and abundant, as is the advice of vendors for unique preparations or substitutions. Crafts and home décor please the eye, whether shoppers want specialty soaps, jewelry, or wall art—it’s all available. Finally, the prepared food is amazing. From noodles to pizza to delicious tri-tip steak sandwiches, everybody can find something appealing. And there’s just something about watching food take shape right before your eyes: it makes that first bite even more satisfying.

Specialty soap

Each event offers engaging activities such as live musicians in the pavilion, face painting, and visits from the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter. This year the Bozeman Municipal Band is scheduled for an eight-part concert series. The final performance will be on August 10 in the bandshell at 7:30pm. If you want to be close to the stage, be sure to get there early  as space fills up quickly.

The benefits of farmers’ markets are vast. They are environmentally friendly, because the food isn’t transported across the country like it is in many large grocery stores. Fruits and vegetables purchased at farmers’ markets tend to be at the peak of ripeness and thus taste better. They provide economic stimulus through job creation, increased income, and recirculation of money in the region. Farmers’ markets make people feel more involved in a community and promote a sense of well-being and pride in that community.

Farmers' Markets enrich the community

If, like me, you've unconsciously begun to take your home for granted, head to the farmers’ market for a community wake-up call. You are a Bozemanite.These people are your neighbors; they deserve your money way more than chain-store big-shots from parts unknown. So get out, get involved, take some pride in your community, and get some awesome food.

To see the Bogert Farmers’ Market events calendar, or learn about becoming a vendor, check out