Car vs. Wild

Wildlife Collision Stats.

Vehicle-animal collision stats are out for 2014, and the numbers don’t look good for Montanans. While there has been a 15% decrease from deer-related collisions compared to last year, we still rank third highest in the country. Collisions are especially prevalent in late fall and early winter, as animals are on the move and more active during standard commuting times. In 2012, there were 175 animal-related motor-vehicle fatalities in the United States, and with large mammals like elk and deer on our roads, it’s crucial for Montana drivers to use caution. Practice safe-driving techniques: wear your seatbelt, engage your high beams when there is no oncoming traffic, and always be extra cautious in deer zones. You can also buy a burly aftermarket bumper to replace that plastic POS your car came with. If you do cream an unwitting ungulate, do your fellow motorists a favor and remove the animal from the road. Remember, you can also salvage your roadkill and make a meal out of an otherwise unfortunate situation. Visit more information on salvage permits.