Butterfly Counts

With Park splendor, recreational fun, wildlife sightings, and a spectacular summer sunset practically guaranteed daily, it's hard to ask for a fuller day in Gardiner. With a little planning, you don't have to.

Butterfly Count



Naturalist George Bumann will organize the 2012 8th Annual Yellowstone Butterfly Count (Date TBA), where anyone can volunteer to help the North American Butterfly Association count butterflies in a designated 15-mile radius. You're picturing a leisurely summer stroll through an allergy-medicine-commercial-worthy meadow, or perhaps wondering if people in Gardiner are just really, REALLY bored. Far from it. Picture instead joyously flailing through said meadow in heated pursuit of fluttery insects, lashing wildly with a butterfly net for the greater good of scientific research. Park-dweller Bumman is likely to wax educational about Yellowstone in between sprints; listen and learn. Hunts launch from the Yellowstone Association's North Entrance Education Center in Gardiner.