IST Designs - Pak-Lite and SideWinder

IST Designs – Bozeman, MT
Pak-Lite - $24
SideWinder - $25
522-9300 / 888-478-6565

Local innovators IST Designs (99 E. Oak Street, above the new Asian Mart) have come out with a couple handy new products that are definitely worth checking out. The Pak-Lite LED flashlight is a compact, powerful, waterproof, and super-efficient flashlight that snaps onto any nine-volt battery. On high power with a new battery, the Pak-Lite will last approximately 75 hours; on low power, it’s good for a whopping 600 hours—not bad for a light the size of your thumb. What’s more, the Pak-Lite is available in a range of colors to meet your particular style requirements. And speaking of style, what could be cooler than being able to communicate wherever you go? Take IST’s SideWinder portable cell phone charger along and your cell phone will never feel lonely again. The SideWinder provides portable power, so you can charge your phone anywhere, anytime. Great for backpacking, camping, hunting, fishing—anytime you don’t have a normal power supply handy. There’s also a powerful light on the charger that provides over five minutes of high-intensity LED light after only 30 seconds of winding. The SideWinder is compatible with just about every current cell phone out there: Audiovox, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, PalmOne, Samsung, Sanyo. Even if you don’t take your phone along on forays away from civilization, consider buying one for the glove box… just in case.