Review: The Chuggler

There’s nothing better than crackin’ a cold one and sipping that sweet succulent nectar we all enjoy. But sippin’ is for wusses, and who wants to do things half-assed? Enter the Chuggler: every beer enthusiast’s dream. Feelin’ classy? Fill up the mug and look presentable while you enjoy your refreshment. Feelin’ impatient? Detach the tube, take a knee, and slurp it down like a gerbil. Chugglers are a hit at parties, tailgating, and even the office. Rather than a distraction, they’re actually quite helpful in a variety of ways: conflict resolution (Chuggle-off!); productivity (increased creativity); punishment (Chuggle at 8:30am); and employee relations (group Chuggle). However, according to the website, Chugglers are not intended to be used with alcohol. So… that’s confusing. $13;