Review: NomadiQ Grill

I think we can all agree: the best part of car-camping is the food. The smell of juicy meat & veggies on an open flame; digging in after a long day outside; washing it all down with an ice-cold beer from the cooler... now that's good livin', friends. And the better the grill, the better the experience. The NomadiQ Portable Gas Grill is our new favorite, for a couple reasons. First off, it's lightweight and portable, and it runs on those little green propane canisters you can find anywhere. Second, it's got a whopping 226 square inches of cooking surface, which is plenty of space for a group of four. Lastly, and most importantly, the dual burners heat intensely, evenly, and separately—you can crank one side hot for searing smoked brats, while slow-cooking chicken or thick steaks on the other. The end result is a more convenient cooking system, which makes for an easier, tastier meal—and a better car-camping experience. Need we say more? $300;