Review: Essential Skin Food

The health world, as of late, has felt like one big marketing pitch. Supplements, powders, fancy drinks... the list goes on. I've always believed I could get my necessary vitamins and minerals from nothing more than sunshine and healthy food. However, life gets busy and the age count is only going up, so it's not always so easy. 

Activated You's Essential Skin Food is a hassle-free collagen supplement, leaving me with no side effects or stomach upset. It's a completely plant-based boost that incentivizes your body to produce its own collagen, rather than animal-based collagen products that simply replace what you already have. 

Often covered in dirt, sweat, snow, or river water, my skin, hair, and nails don't always top my priority list. Essential Skin Food makes it easy to show them some love. Plus, it gets me to push aside the coffee thermos and replace it with an 8-oz. glass of H2O. 

Available online; $70.