Review: Uncharted Supply Co. Zeus

For all the batteries that need charging. 

Try as we might, it's difficult to ditch the devices these days. Odds are that on a weekend road trip, at the very least, our phones will need a charge, and no one wants to be the person idling at the campground, sucking juice out of a vehicle's USB port.

Instead, negate the noise by picking up a Zeus portable charger from Uncharted Supply Co. This unit packs enough punch to charge your phone ten times without being charged itself, plus it includes two ports, so you and your honey can charge simultaneously.

The Zeus comes equipped with a built-in flashlight in case of emergencies, and holds enough power that it can jump your car's dead battery. This is the main selling point of the product, but my millenial mind is immediately drawn to the USB capabilities. Far more significant is the self-rescue feature of a car-battery charge. Now that winter is on the horizon, a Zeus should be in every car in Bozeman. I know it will stay in mine year round. $150;