Review: ReLeash Dog Collar

It seems that every other time I take the dog for a walk, I either can't find his leash, or I forget it altogether—the latter necessitating a hasty retreat, lest Raleigh and I suffer under the lash of Bozeman's increasingly draconian leash laws.

With the ReLeash, though, we no longer worry about such things. Made by two longtime Bozeman locals, the ReLeash is both a collar and a leash, in one streamlined, low-profile package. The fabric is strong and lightweight, with a magnetic buckle for quick conversion—simply wrap for the collar, and unwrap for the leash. It's that easy—after initial sizing, that is, which does take a little trial-and-error.

If your own forgetfulness extends to bottle openers, fear not—the ReLeash has one built into the buckle. Also on the buckle is a QR code with your contact info, in case your dog gets lost. As if all that wasn't enough, you can choose from over a dozen standard colors & patterns, or a dozen more custom ones, so your pup can sport the style that suits his or her (or your) personality. $59;