Review: Princeton Tec Byte

Night hiking, camping, or biking, the Byte keeps you going after the sun stops shining. Weighing in at a mere 64 grams, its lightweight structure and comfy elastic headband let you forget that it’s strapped to your skull. The headlamp provides three settings to shine light on any situation. A 3mm Ultrabright Red LED allows you to read maps without compromising night vision, while low and high settings on the white Maxbright LED illuminate objects farther away. 35 lumens, a burn time of 146 hours, and focused narrow beams provide optimum vision for your night excursion of choice. A simple but handy feature is the large push button on top of the headlamp used for changing settings; it’s even easy to find wearing winter gloves. Convenient and compact, you definitely get your bang for the buck with this baby. Available at Bob Ward’s and Schnee’s. $20;