Review: Pine Mountain ExtremeStart

Yes, we know, every Bozemaniac worth his or her salt should be able to start a fire with a match—and ladies, beware the bumbling bloke who can’t—but sometimes you want a big flame right away, so you can move on to more important things, like eating and drinking. When convenience trumps survival skills, grab an ExtremeStart and get that fire going fast. This self-contained stick comes wrapped and ready to go—just light the package and let ‘er rip. It’s a slow-burn, and for a big campfire, you may want to use two; but they’re only fifty cents each. It can’t hurt to stash one in your hunting or backcountry ski pack, too, for emergency situations. Either way, two quarters to expedite a fire on a cold winter night? Yep, we’ll splurge. $6 for a 12-pack;