Review: Industrial Revolution Grilliput

When trimming weight for backcountry hunting, stove and fuel are among the first items to go. Problem is, your minimalist alternative—that rickety, soot-covered cooking grate—leaves much to be desired come dinnertime. Enter the Grilliput, a cleverly designed mobile barbeque that dismantles and stores in a compact metal tube. Completely self-contained, this stainless-steel, hammer-handle-sized grill is sturdy and easy to set up. A 9”x10” cooking surface offers plenty of space, and built-in cleaning grooves keep things tidy. I cooked deer brats and fresh-caught trout, and boiled water in a pot; the Grilliput held firm through it all. The only drawbacks to this handy device are the tiny grill rods, one or two of which will invariably get lost, and the weight—at 20 ounces, it’s a lot heavier than the dirty old grate that worked just fine before you got spoiled by fancy gear. $30;