Review: GoPro Hero 7

Now that GoPro has dropped the Hero 8, I thought it was high time to review the Hero 7. Yes, I'm a year late, but in my defense, the camera's stabilizer made me depressed. I can no longer blame my jerky, slow biking on poor video quality—I'm just that bad.

The Hero 7's video is clear and seamless, and my biking is anything but. It's official. While I don't feel like a pro or a hero, I am impressed by the model's usability. The play-back display ensures your filming angle is good, and navigating through your shooting options is easy. 

When it comes time to upload content, GoPro has a suite of options geared toward social sharing. Keep in mind that these video files are huge and you'll need up-to-date operating systems and software to view and edit. 

One major downside is battery life. In the cold Montana winter, definitely plan on packing a bunch of batteries if you're shooting all day.