Review: Gerber Sedulo Knife

“You have anything sharp in your bag?” the TSA lady asked me.

“Not that I know of,” I told her.

“Want to bet on that?” she retorted, and then proceeded to extricate my pocketknife from the deep recesses of my duffel. Dammit. “Good thing you didn’t bet on it,” she chuckled as she tossed my trusty blade into the trash.

And so began the search for a new companion. Something that fit nicely in my hand, disappeared into my pocket, and looked good, too. To meet these criteria, the first company I turned to was Gerber. I’ve used their replaceable-blade hunting knives for years, and have always been impressed with the company’s build quality and razor-sharp edges. And, more importantly, Gerber has a rock-solid warranty: just send in a few photos of the broken product online, and they’ll mail you a new one. So it was only natural that I selected a Gerber for everyday carry.

I opted for the Sedulo. It’s a simple, no-frills knife with a synthetic handle and the company's sturdy S30V steel blade. None of the components are hidden in this knife—they’re all visible, and of sturdy quality. It puts my mind at ease, knowing I have a dependable blade, but the simplicity also makes washing out mud, dirt, and cheese a breeze. There aren’t many spots on this knife in which crud can hide. On top of that, it’s easy to flip open with one hand. I pop the blade out of the retainer using my thumb, and a quick flick of the wrist takes care of the rest. Not that I find myself in many situations where I need instantaneous access to my knife, but you never know.

The Sedulo certainly has some weight to it—unsurprising for a knife that’s over eight inches long when unfolded. It’s on the larger side of what I’m used to carrying, but I actually like having a beefier blade. On a recent trip, I grilled grouse over an open fire, using the knife to turn and roast them to perfection. Had the blade been shorter, I surely would’ve lost a few hairs, if not some skin.

Bottom line: this knife is going in my checked luggage next time I head to the airport.