Review: Costa del Mar Saltbreak 580P

After a “slight mishap” dumped my friend and me into the East Gallatin while canoeing spring runoff, I found myself wet, cold, hatless, and—effin shit!—my expensive sunglasses were sacrificed to the river gods as well. Luckily, I found the new Saltbreak 580P from Costa. The Saltbreak’s tortoise frame looks amazing and fits great—they’re not too snug, but still give me the no-slip, “forget-they’re-on” feeling. The copper lenses feature polarized 580P patented technology which blocks blue and yellow light, provides 100% UV blockage, kills reflected glare, reduces eye strain, and offers outstanding clarity and color. I love these shades and get many compliments on them. My only complaint is the temples are too large for most standard eyewear retainer straps/cords. Available at Round House, Chalet Sports, Bob Ward's, Angler's West, the Tackle Shop, and Grizzly Outfitters. $160;