Talus ColdAvengerPro Mask

Whether you’re hooking up your sled dog team, putting on your running shoes, or clamping on your ski boots, Missoula’s Talus Outdoor Technologies ColdAvengerPro mask is a must for those who are fearless in frigid temps. Designed for 20 degrees above zero and colder, this mask allows you to stay out longer by staying 40-60 degrees warmer than outside. Designed by a physician and skier, this baby went through R&D testing for five years to ensure thermal comfort, ventilation adequacy, moisture control, and ease of breathing during exercise. What makes it extra sweet is the soft Polartec wrapping around your face and ears, the adjustable air intake valve, and the secure fit. When your buddies give you crap about the “Darth Vader” look, you can wave your lightsaber at them as they slink back indoors while you’re still out catching some rad air. Available in Hunter (camo) and Expedition Baclava. $50–$80; coldavenger.com.