Review: Yeti Tundra 65

The Yeti Tundra 65 now has a permanent spot on my raft. Built by outdoorsmen, it’s constructed to fit perfectly in the frame, and the 65-quart size is great for a one or two-day float. There’s plenty of room for cans of malted goodness, pop for the kids, as well as lunch and snacks in the dry compartment above the ice. With other coolers, I typically end up adding more ice by the end of the day—but with the Yeti, extra ice runs are a thing of the past. The Yeti is also certified bear proof, so planning for food storage on overnight trips won’t be a concern. The Yeti is heavier than a cooler of comparable size, but as we all learned in grade-school health, muscle weighs more than fat. The price might scare you, but remember, the only other cooler you’ll ever purchase will be a different sized Yeti. Available at River’s Edge, Northern Lights, and Owenhouse Ace Hardware. $350;