Review: WRSI Current

Any adventure sport is truly about minimizing the risk, focusing on the task at hand, and proceeding to have the time of your life. Proper gear and knowledge are the best ways to minimize the risk, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on the task at hand. In the whitewater world, your helmet is arguably the most important piece of personal safety equipment. Finally, a team of designers have combined comfort, safety, and functionality to create a masterpiece. Whether you are getting trashed in a munchie hole or scathing rocks on the bottom of the river, the WRSI helmet will stay in place and protect your skull. The Mechanical Design Engineering Department and the Bloomberg School of Health at Johns Hopkins University have contributed to the design of this helmet. DUDE, enough said!

Jonas Grenz is the founder of the “Brodeo” and acts as the vice president of the Headwaters Paddling Association, which hosts the Gallatin Whitewater Festival. He has worked in the kayak industry since 1998.