Review: Stone Glacier Avail 2200 Pack

These days, versatility is the name of the outdoor-gear game, and Bozeman-based Stone Glacier has nailed it with their new pack, the Avail 2200. Designed primarily for backcountry skiing and ice climbing (at which this bag excels), it can also be used for hunting—alone, it’s a simple daypack; swapped out on any Stone Glacier Krux frame, it becomes a meat-hauler, too. This adaptable, modular design means less clutter in your car and a cleaner, more streamlined gear closet. As a ski pack, the compact size and numerous storage compartments make for a highly organized load, and the straps sit just right for a super-solid carry, in either A-frame or diagonal configuration. Although lightweight, the Avail is sturdily built, with 500-denier Cordura and military-grade buckles, which means it’ll endure all the abuse you can administer. Storage features include pockets for goggles, probe, and shovel, interior pockets for random accessories, and numerous built-in tie-downs for securing loose items. If you want one daypack that does it all, this is it. Available at the Stone Glacier shop off N. 7th. $290;