Review: Silky Folding Saws

When it comes to backcountry saws, there's one company you’ll see on every list: Silky. They make the saws that nearly every contestant on the TV show Alone chooses to bring into the wilderness. When you’re only allowed 10 items to survive, and a Silky saw is one of them, now that’s saying something. Recently, we tested out some of their smaller folding saws—the type you’d take along on a more domestic camping, hiking, or hunting trip. Here’s what we thought.

“I recently used the 240mm Gomboy Curve Professional—Outback Edition, and I must say, it lives up to the hype. Like a quality knife, a saw should feel natural in the hand. The arbor composite handle feels great and provides exceptional grip in any weather. Then there’s the important part: the blade, which Silky has mastered. It’s razor sharp, and impulse hardened teeth rip through wood and bone with ease. While the 240mm blade is longer than most backcountry saws, being able to cut thicker logs is a nice luxury. I spend less time and effort collecting my firewood, and more time enjoying the outdoors. Overall, the Gomboy is a fantastic backcountry tool. Anytime I venture into the woods for a few nights, this saw is at the top of my packing list.” —Peter Moreno

“When hunting, the only reason I bring a saw is to skull-cap elk or deer. I don’t care much for trophies, but legally in Montana the antlers must remain attached to the skull plate on the packout. For this purpose, I picked up the 170mm Pocketboy Professional—Outback Edition. The same composite handle has great grip, even when wet or covered in blood, fat, and cartilage. The blade has no problems slicing through the thick noggin of a wild ungulate—not to mention firewood when back at camp. Best of all, at 0.45lbs in weight, I hardly notice it in my pack. I’m ab-saw-lutely a Silky convert now.” —Eli Fournier

Both saws are available at $77 for the Gomboy; $57 for the Pocketboy.